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  • The One Ad You Need: The Facebook Lead Ad.

    Are you a realtor, gym or spa owner, accountant, personal trainer...or any other business that relies on leads?   Then you’re in luck! … You don’t need to worry about landing pages, high-tech integrations or professional design and layout.  You just need a Facebook Lead Ad!Whether you are a successful digital advertiser or a novice to the world of Facebook advertising, Facebook’s Lead Ads offer some of most cost-effective and high conversion [...]
  • Maximize Your Facebook Advertising Budget (These 5 Ads Will Rocket Your ROI)

    Maximize Your Facebook Advertising Budget(These 5 Ads Will Rocket Your ROI) Houses are built with more than one brick. Successful Facebook advertising campaigns require more than one ad. A great ROI from your ads is completely possible, but not always simple. How you allocate your Facebook advertising budget to the right mix of ads is key. We’ve recently wrapped up a few six-figure-plus campaigns using only Facebook advertising and here’s [...]
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    Is it Always Facebook’s Fault?

    Lots of small business owners frustrated with Facebook contact me for help. They’ve tried boosting their posts. They’ve moved past their tech-phobia and created campaigns in Power Editor. And many who call have had some ad success and are even happy with their costs-per-lead. Yet, Facebook is still a losing proposition for them. And the blame lands with a thud on Facebook’s doorstep. I love it when the solution is an easy fix to their [...]