The 3-2-1…Launch Formula … How to Build the Highest Converting Lead List at the Lowest Cost

With over 1.5 billion users, Facebook ads continue to be one of the best ways to market your service or product online. But if you simply use Facebook ads during a launch, chances are, you’re spending a lot of money on advertising to create a lead list from an audience who hasn’t heard of you yet. But what if I told you there was a way to spend less money on the same Facebook advertising, and increase your conversion, all before you are even fully launched online?

 Maybe you are in full-swing business by now and you’re satisfied with your conversion rate. But wouldn’t you want to know about a SIMPLE and free strategy that could at least double what you are currently earning?

What’s the better way?

Create a customized lead base first then launch your product or service. You don’t need to launch anything if you’re not ready. You should be creating a base first. Simply create a constant stream of warm prospects that already know, like and trust you, to convert into clients whenever you’re ready to.

You can do this using The 3-2-1…Launch Formula, which teaches you how to pay less for leads and double or triple your conversion—This is how can SAVE money.

Why shouldn’t I launch directly on Facebook first?

We’ve all heard of the clicks that cost pennies and six-figure launches using Facebook ads. But times have changed—rapidly. Competition for Facebook ads has increased costs. Facebook, just like Google, constantly changes their algorithms giving preference to ads the audience likes, shares and engages with. Ads for webinars and product launches that no one has ever heard of typically don’t go viral or get much love on Facebook.

This is a good thing.

 Remember when ads first started on Facebook and everyone rolled their eyes at the random vacuum cleaner ad on the side that had no relevance to their social network?  Oversaturation of one hit wonder products and services that have no personal relevance is overwhelming and distracting to Facebook users. The best way to create a great lifetime value for each new subscriber that joins your list is to warm them up, nurture them, provide value, great content and show them how you can solve their problems. Then after relationships are built, and trust is formed is when you invite them into your programs and ask them to pay for your services. You need to know how to create and grow a warm lead base first.

The 3-2-1…Launch Formula is your answer

For every $6 you spend on Facebook adspend, follow this formula (even a fifth grader could do it):

  • Direct $3 (50%) to send traffic to articles and other great content on your website.
  • Direct $2 (30%) to offer the next logical step—MORE free content that provides  help and value in exchange for an email address. This can be a special report, e-book, YouTube video, free training, etc.
  • Direct $1 (20%) to target your interested audiences with ads designed to convert to a sale. This can be webinars with a pitch, sales landing pages, free consults etc.

Simply scale this formula and percentages to match your ad buy. You’ll use $1 out of every $6 for your sales pushes.


If you’re satisfied with your current conversion, that’s great, but what kind of growth could you be opting out of?


Start Now!

Turbo-charge building a warm list of an online audience where people WELCOME what you have to offer, right out the gate. It’s almost as though everyone at a party was just waiting for you to show up. You have what they want.


Start giving, then give more. Stay connected, stay relevant and keep providing value. When you are ready to launch or offer your services, you will have a list ready to buy from you.

Steps for success

  1. Post useful content on your website that you know people want or need help with.
    Your website doesn’t have to be perfect. Start with a few articles that contain tips. The key is that the articles offer some of your best advice, how to’s, or other super helpful content that solves a problem for your ideal customer.
  2. Install your Facebook tracking pixel on your website. (View this helpful, free tutorial video here that explains how to do it.)

If you don’t have time or energy for the DIY tech part then we can do it for you.  We’ll get all your tracking pixels in the right place and working for just $29. Learn More.

WARNING: Do not skip step two or you WILL NOT be able to keep track of your new audience, which is a critical element to the formula.

  1. Send ads to your new website visitors (retargeted ads). With the installation of the Facebook tracking pixel on your website, a new list is automatically created for you inside the Facebook ad account. Send ads to this list whenever you want. These ads are cheap since it’s a relatively small list, but highly targeted due to their interest in you and your topic.The retargeted ads invite your audience to take the next logical step—to sign up for that great cheat sheet, get a free report, free training for an in-depth solution to whatever their problem or concern is. They give you their email and in exchange they get this great information.
  1. Feed and nurture your email-list. Connect regularly. Provide free trainings, inspirational stories, tips and help.
  1. Begin to offer your warmed up list opportunities to connect.  You can send invitations to strategy calls and fill your private client roster within weeks. You invite them to webinars and free trainings to learn more and enroll in your group programs. ETC!
  1. Rinse and repeat. Continue this cycle year-round and before you know it, you could find yourself with a waitlist for your product or service!

When you’re spending real, tangible money on each and every click, you can’t afford to lose a conversion. Make the choice yourself and start the The 3-2-1…Launch Formula.

What do you stand to LOSE? What kind of leads? What kind of future growth and conversion could you be leaving at the front door?

Install your Facebook tracking pixel today!

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