A Comprehensive Primer Behind All Things Facebook Remarketing

My parents are recent (and very late to the party) adopters of Facebook.  I find it hard sometimes to explain to them what it is that I do in layman’s terms.  My mother recently called me up and asked how it was possible that she was seeing an ad for a purse she looked up the brand’s homepage.  It really was freaking her out-Damn technology. The answer is remarketing. Facebook Remarketing: It’s one of the most necessary pieces that a digital marketer needs to consider and add to their facebook campaigns, but oftentimes misunderstood.  We decided to throw together a quick run down of all the different ways a digital marketer can set up their target audiences to remarket their products to their customers.


Before we delve into the different types of remarketing, you must first ensure that the Facebook pixel is installed correctly on ALL pages of your website.  You want to ensure that you have the full power of the Facebook pixel at your disposal. Once the pixel has been placed you can set up your retargeting pools in ‘Audiences’ section of your Ads Manager


If you want full details on how to accurately install the pixel, we’ve prepared a nifty little FREE guide for you HERE:


Here’s a quick and easy primer to get your started with Facebook remarketing:

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