Maximize Your Facebook Advertising Budget

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Maximize Your Facebook Advertising Budget

These 5 Ads Will Rocket Your ROI.

Houses are built with more than one brick. Successful Facebook advertising campaigns require more than one ad. A great ROI from your ads is completely possible, but not always simple. How you allocate your budget to the right mix of ads is key.

We’ve recently wrapped up a few six-figure-plus campaigns using only Facebook advertising and here’s what’s working:

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Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Facebook Advertising Budget

It takes strategy, good messaging, the right targeting …

AND a series of ads that bring your customer across the finish line.

We’ve found that these 5 ads used together will increase your Facebook ad ROI.

(Hint, we follow the trusted marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, conversion…AND incorporate scarcity and social proof.)

These 5 ads are your closers. You’ll still need to build your list/audience and there’s lots of advice on ads and strategies for this.

But, the money is always in the follow-up. So here are the top 5 Facebook ads to use after you have people on your list or signed up for your webinar…

  1. Offer Ad – featuring incentives for signing up quickly
  2. Testimonial Ad for social proof
  3. Video Ad to personalize you and your offer
  4. Messenger ad to answer any questions and address buyer hesitations
  5. The Closing Ad

These five Facebook ads will get you customers and clients, & greatly increase your ROI.

Bonus: These ads are a great use of a portion of your Facebook advertising budget. They don’t cost much to run because they are all retargeting ads – only being delivered to your own list/network & reaching a highly relevant and interested audience with the right offer at the right time.

Here’s a bit more detail so you start using these ads to boost your bottom line.

1.)  The Offer Ad:

Start with a simple ad linking to your sales page letting people know they can “enroll now” or “register now” AND make sure to include an early-bird bonus. Let folks know they can enroll/join/sign up for your amazing offer and if they take action quickly, they will be rewarded. This ad will only run for a short time at the beginning of your closing campaign.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to do a launch or have specific times when people can sign up for your offer. Create a special offer window based on when people joined your list, watched your webinar or free video training. Adding scarcity will increase your ROI.

2)  The Testimonial Ad:

Now rotate in a testimonial ad. Create some text highlighting your results, sharing quotes from happy customers or, if available, share a short video testimonial. Promote your offer and link to the sales page. The goal here is to help prospects consider your offer more seriously because they see how people similar to them are benefitting.

3)  The Video Ad

Warm up your audience with a SHORT video ideally featuring you or other people related to your company. The goal of this ad is to show a human connection to your brand and to keep sharing the benefits of the offer.

Pro Tip: This can be a simple video. You can even use your phone to record it. Just make sure you keep it short, have good lighting and keep the camera steady.

4)  Messenger Ad

Take advantage of Facebook’s newest ad format, Messenger ads. Invite prospects to ask questions and give them another chance to connect and give yourself another way to follow up and address any potential customer hesitations directly. This strategy – similar to having a chat box on your website – is proven to increase response rates.

5) The Closing Ad

We recommend building in limited time bonus or pricing discounts. Use the Closing Ad to let prospects know this is the last chance to get your great deal. Run this ad the last 24-48 hours of your promotion window and make sure to feature “last chance” messaging in the ad copy and image.

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Turn Browsers into Buyers

Facebook is always changing and for many, this can be frustrating and overwhelming. But it’s also leading to powerful ways to reach and engage with your customers.

These 5 Facebook Ads take advantage of Facebook’s newest features and most popular features, like video and Messenger ads, while reaching your prospects with multiple ads that reinforce your brand, promote your offer and the benefits through different mediums and turns browsers into buyers!

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