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The Facebook Lead Ad

Are you a realtor, gym or spa owner, accountant, personal trainer…or any other business that relies on leads? Then you’re in luck.

You don’t need to worry about landing pages, techy integrations or professional design and layout.

You just need a Facebook Lead Ad!

Whether you are a successful digital advertiser or a novice to the world of Facebook advertising, Facebook’s Lead Ads offer some of the most cost-effective and high conversion probability opportunities to gain leads for your business. Since their release in October of 2015, Facebook Lead Ads have been immensely successful because they allow users to submit their contact info with as little as 1 click without navigating away from the platform. With over 90% of Facebook’s daily usage coming from mobile devices, these ads offer a quick and easy way for users to sign up as a lead for your product or service without interrupting their Facebook experience.

At Absolutely Social, we’ve seen tremendous success in generating high quality leads that convert at a significant cost saving with Lead Ads vs. driving traffic to our customer’s landing pages.

Here are several of the fantastic benefits that Facebook Lead Ads offer:

1.) Easy and Quick Setup: In a world where building out sales and lead funnels can be quite expensive and time-consuming, setting up Lead Ad forms can be done extremely quickly. Simply choose what contact information you would like to receive and Facebook will collect the information that can be added to your CRM.



2.) Fully Customizable Lead Forms: Because it is often necessary to pre-qualify leads by asking users specific questions, it might seem that Lead Ads aren’t necessarily the perfect solution for your lead generation efforts. However, Facebook gives you the ability to ask customized questions either in the form of an open-ended answer, multiple choice, or a conditional format that will give users a proceeding question depending on how they answer the previous question.


In addition to prequalifying users based on questions you can also create customized cards that appear before the lead capture form is fired. In the context cards, you can add graphics as well as additional information highlighting your product or Service. You also have the ability to create a customized ‘Thank You’ page that fires after the user has submitted their information. This page can list a customized message and/or send users to your site.


3.) No Integration Needed: Because the leads aren’t being sent to a landing page on your website, you do not have to worry about integrating a funnel setup with your site. Leads will be captured directly from the form that appears after a user clicks on the ad. You will then have the option to manually download the ads from Facebook, or you can easily automate the leads being sent directly to your CRM with Zapier.

4.) Increased Conversion Rates and Lowered CPLs: Since placing a heavy focus on Lead Ads for some of our customers, we’ve seen tremendous results: 15-25% improvements in conversion rates, costs per lead as much as 90% cheaper than the lead costs being generated on a landing page. The vertical where we’ve especially seen outstanding results is Real Estate: Brokerages, agents, commercial leasing companies, etc. The ability to micro-target highly segmented audiences with these ad units has proven quite beneficial to our clients.

So What Are the Downsides?

1.) The biggest factor working against lead ads is the lack of retargeting options. Because we aren’t sending traffic to a landing/website page with a pixel we do not have the ability to retarget users based on which stages and how far down the funnel they traveled. So if you have a 1-click upsell or downsell after someone signs up as a lead, they will not have the option to complete that action immediately after opting into your sign up form.

Facebook does offer the ability to retarget users who opened the form but didn’t submit and retarget users who engaged with the Lead Ad placements, so you can ensure that you are giving your Lead Ad the best chance to maximize signups.

2.) Another downside of Lead Ads is a potential drop off in the quality of leads. Because signing up for a lead ad is an easy yes, there can be a slight drop off in the quality of leads vs. driving users to a landing page, however this can be mitigated when you have your targeting dialed in, and by following up with the leads as soon as possible (this is when having the integration with your CRM is crucial)

We would recommend that you give strong consideration to adding Lead Ads to your arsenal of Facebook ads, and test to see if they’re a viable option for your business or clients before throwing a large percentage of your budget towards them. You might just find that this is the ad unit that completely transforms your lead generations efforts.

For any additional questions, please reach out to us at Absolutely Social, where we can help you with all your digital marketing needs.

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